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Hello. Welcome to rådjur, an online application to add analog studio magic right to your digital tracks. This application is intended to recreate the characteristic of analog mixing boards, valve preamps, and class-a transformers, coded into a single online application. Only using HTML5 and Web Audio API technology, the rådjur collective was able to re-create the ampex 456 reel to reel tape, chrome high-bias cassette, and NOS valve preamp. Using only your favorite web browser, you can add that sought out sound to your tracks.


Today's technology has rapidly advance into what we know today. No more lugging around clunky, faulty tools to produce audio, video, graphic, and even photography. Digital is here to stay because of it's reliability, economic value, space saving, and mobility. Smart-phones and mobile tablets can now produce world-renowned records just by swiping and moving a few faders on a touch screen. Thanks to digital, fidelity in music has never been better. People today still crave the wonky characteristics of analog equipment. That's where we come in and help you achieve those same sounds, via web browser, for free! :-)