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est. 2015, Nov


Pink hot messes from Houston, Texas

Mouthing is a very loud band that is just feeling it out with feelings.

⁖2016 WakeTheZine

Shared the stage with

· B L A C K I E all caps with spaces [Houston, TX] 09.09.2016 at Fitzgeralds Houston Screen Shot

· We Are the Asteroid [Austin, TX] 07.01.2016 at Satellite Bar Screen Shot

· Lemuria [Buffalo, NY] 08.18.2016 at Walter's Downtown Screen Shot

Offical Releases

TBD EP [self release in the works for - AUG 2017] - Cassette, CDR, & Digital TBD split 7" [self release in the works for - JULY 2017] - Cassette, CDR, & Digital

show soon

Walter's Downtown, 05/23/2017
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B L A C K I E Mouthing Narrow Head Ruiners 5/23/17 Walter's Lemuria Looming The Reptilian Middle Child Cool Moon Mouthing 8/10/16 Walter's PLXTX Mariner Mouthing Matchbox Gallery SXSW 5/19/16 House of Commons SXSW 5/19/16 21st St Co Op